"To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"


Take everything, don't give back.
Need to see this IRL.

Need to see this IRL.

Anonymous asked: so why arent you buying Kiss Land? not an Abel fan any longer?

Jokes. I joke. Smh, so literal. Lighten up you guys.

Anonymous asked: does ya pussy taste like vanilla milkshake?


Everything applies to me…even the wack motivational crap.

Anonymous asked: It breaks my heart to read your post about your situation with your ex thing. I went through a similar thing this year. I feel for a guy hard, and he made me believe he wanted to be with me just as much. When in the end I was just there to fill a void he didn't know how to fill anyway else. Believing a man who tells you they love you, care for you, and only want you is hard. When we left them in that speaks louder than anything we would ever verbally say. Keep your head up girl. It gets better.

Thanks for the encouragement! I’m working through it trying to get back to my happy place. Focusing more on the good and happy things that I got out of it and how extremely excited I am to have that again some day in the future! I hope you’re alright, thanks for the taking the time to read it :)

Dear John(ny)

I am doing fine, thanks for not asking. However I am sad and confused still. The past two days have been really tough on me. I didn’t realize how badly I’d hurt if you left. How can you really leave if you were never there though, right? I took some time to think about everything we’ve been through and the changes in our relationship and how they progressively got worse and I was too blinded by my optimism to notice your feelings. For that I apologize sincerely, the result of of my failure to notice made you make a decision that ultimately has broken my heart. My incessant questioning and wondering about your faithfulness to me scared you into staying with me instead of telling me the truth. As a previously scorned woman I’ve had my reservations towards men in fear they will betray me and leave me, much like you have done. As humans we make mistakes and sometimes lie to not hurt the ones we love the most.

Do you remember the first time we met, our first date? I had never been so happy or excited to see someone. That day meant a lot to me. I took you somewhere I loved, and you seemed to have enjoyed it with me. I remember your smile that day, it was adorable…and the first time you took my hand and held it…yeah I can’t forget that.

My heart hurts for the simple fact that you were the first man in years I felt completely comfortable with letting into my heart, body, and soul. It happened with ease. Our relationship was not forced and was completely fluid. It was truly a beautiful and forgotten feeling that I needed reminding of. I haven’t been impressed with a man like you in a long time. You always seem to question how you are bettering me and if you even make me happy. You did make me happy, gave me confidence, and the support I needed so desperately. You also made me feel insecure about our relationship. I understand clearly why that is now. You removed yourself long ago from anything to do with us. You found another that could fill a void that I could not.

Unfortunately you betrayed something sacred to us and that was trust. I was constantly reminded about your failed relationships and your trust issues due to women. I had the same issues due to men. My faith was put into you even more knowing this. A man so broken promising me he’d never cheat and never did before was so believable.

"If you find someone else you’ll tell me right?"
"You are mine and I am yours"
"You don’t fuck with nobody, I don’t fuck with nobody. If we do we tell each other."

simple words, that meant everything to me. Vulnerable as I was and hesitant to let you into my world, I still went through with it. No regrets at all for doing that. Sadly I was the only one following that criteria. You found someone and didn’t have the heart to tell me.  You manipulated me and my feelings. You convinced me that I was the manipulative one and insecure in myself to ever think you could do something like that. You tainted my judgement and I felt that you were right,

Do you remember the first time you told me you loved me? I do. It was right after an awfully stupid argument, but I was so excited to have heard you say it. Someone in love with me? Could that be possible again? It was and it was so organic and beautiful. I was happy in that moment and every moment after that you’d repeat those words. You made me feel special. You’d tell me all the time how you loved me for the fact I loved you for who you are regardless of any of your inner demons.

Yet you had the heart to tell me that I was your everything and that you loved me and missed me daily…that you had plans for us to move together and start a life and family some day. Reading that over brings tears to my eyes, because I think of how many times you told me this and I said it back whole heartedly and you never meant it any of those times. While I was wondering what you were doing or why you weren’t communicating with me like in the beginning you were busy telling her the exact same lies, giving her your attention, and making love to her. It broke my heart to hear her voice over the phone telling me all of the details and lies that corresponded with me. How you had to reschedule our visits because you had plans but it was due to spending time with her. How you lied to her about having to spend time with your father when in actuality I flew up to see you to spend time with you. How I bought you a gift and you hid it as a favor. How you portrayed me as an evil insecure woman obsessed with you, making you have to hide me on social media from everyone. I was so naive, I believed everything you said even as outlandish as it sounded or seemed. I was too smitten with you to ever think you could do something so awful.

I’m going to miss talking to you every day most of all. Sounds silly right now, but that was a constant in our relationship from the beginning. Something I looked forward to daily. I guess I’ll have to get over that along with my feelings for you. I wish I had a switch that could turn them off. I wish I had found someone here to fall for and not tell you about, but I didn’t. So now I’m going to be alone for a little while. Not alone like you though. You have to deal with the fact you hurt me, someone who loved you a lot. I’ll be fine. I always turn out fine. I hope you find clarity in all of this. Maybe you and that other girl will work out and in the long run you’ll get what you want. I appreciate the lessons learned and still being figured out from this situation. Thanks for the experience and allowing me to be reminded of feeling in love and having someone. I can’t wait to find that with someone else in the future. It’s going to be better than I can ever imagine. Good luck to you in everything you do.

xomisiss asked: you really have met abel ?:O i am so jealous :/ how was it ??

Yes, and it was amazing as I expected! Very humble dude

Anonymous asked: kill yaself